Tatiana Escallon Colombian-American abstract artist based in Houston, TX Colombian - American contemporary Artist and illustrator
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My abstract paintings are the result of the research and development of my own artistic language dedicated to emotions, experiences and reflections about life, giving a main importance to color and composition to create contrasts that accentuate the meaning I want to express.
With the figurative/abstract work the intention is to remark a specific moment in life, while the non figurative work refers to emotions.
My ongoing work is inspired by the relation between “taste and contrast” which I believe is what makes life relevant. I also incorporate words in the paintings to accentuate the meaning; these words are written in two languages because I am both  

Latino Art Now 2019 hosted by the city of Houston, featured Tatiana Escallon art piece, The Yellow Umbrella, as one of the images for the event press release, her painting is also  featured in the brochure made for the event. check the links for LAN19

She was born and raised in Bogota Colombia, and educated as a an artist. Tatiana earned her B.A. in Graphic Design from UJTL, also studied arts in different venues as Universidad de los Andes, Estudio Acuarela  in Bogota and Saint Teresas College in Minnesota.
In the year 2000 she moved to the United States in search of a better future and opportunities for her art.

During 2017 participated in The recognized Bayou City Art Festival, She was accepted as a John Palmer Art Gallery & Studios "Escapist Artist" in 2016, and has also participated in different juried shows in the Houston area, including Celebrate Texas Art (2013, curated by Irene Hofmann and 2014, curated by Rock Huska), Judge and Jury show at the East End Gallery (curated by Alyssa Monks), Greater than 20 Square Feet Art Show, and many more.

Her paintings are mostly acrylic on canvas and her signature work consists of solid, bold colors, and shapes evolving from a heavily-layered procedure.

Tatiana's studio  is a gem from the 1940's located in the Historic Thirdward ,Houston, Texas. It is 2 miles from downtown and 2 miles from The Museum District,  on the newly named Emancipation Avenue, very close to the beautiful Emancipation Park.Her purpose as an artist is to revive the space keeping its' soul alive making it a place that invites to create and share her work.

                                                                     ARTIST 150%

Latino Art Now _ U of H
Latino Art Now _Houston Public Media 2019
Artist, Illustrator, Designer, mother and chocolate lover! ...SCBWI member since 2011


2019 . Feb-March exhibition The Caribbean and Its Contrast 

2019 . Sept-Oct exhibition Large Scale Taste and Contrast , founded by the 

City of Houston through The Houston Arts Alliance

2018 Monthly Open Studio and exhibitions.
2018 October. Artoberfest, Galveston, TX Art Festival
2018 July. Instituto Cultural Hispano, Houston. Colombian Independance day
         Art Exhibit.
2018 April. Runway Houston _featured artist
2018 April Book Launch, "Silence Please". Studio event.
         with  Imprint Clear Fork Publishing 

​2017 Bayou City Art Festival _Houston, Downtown
  WHAM Winter Holiday art Market, Wonter Studios, Houston, TX
2017  Midtown Art in The park, April, Houston TX.
 WHAM. Nov 17-19 at Winter Studios, Houston, TX.
2016  Awarded most promissing portfolio at SCBWI Houston annual conference. (Oct)
2016  Escapist Gala night. Oct18-30 John Palmers Art, Houston Tx
...July 22- Aug27 The big Show ​at the Lawndale Art Center, Houston, Tx.
2016 . .  July11-17 Solo Show at the Chrysalis Gallery at John Palmer Art Studios &Gallery
2016 . . Permanent exhibition at Arka Living Gallery, Houston, Tx.
​2016 . .  Ecapist Artist  at The John Palmer Art Gallery and Studio, Houston, Texas.
 Studio and mentorship program at John Palmer Gallery. Open Studios twice a month and exhibitions during the year round.

2015 December, ARKA Living Gallery, Houston, Tx
201​5 Oct, Jomar Visions Grand Opening New Gallery, Houston, Tx
​2015 April 18, Spring Studios, Gallery 109, Houston Tx.
201​5 March11-April11 VAA (visual Arts Alliance) 32nd Juried exhibition, Williams Tower
........Gallery, Houston, Tx.

201​4 Nov21-23 Winter Holiday Art Market, juried art market at Winter Studios, Houston
201​4 Nov22-23 JMV Art Excellence juried show, Houston Art Crawl at Nance & Hardy ........Studios
201​4 Oct 20-Nov 8 Lawndale Art Center, Dia de Los Muertos exhibition, Houston
201​4 Aug 10-30 NEW TEXAS TALENT XXI,Craighead Green Gallery, Dallas, TX curated ........by Andrea Karne
201​4 Julio 19 Colombia celebrates independance day, RedOak Ballroom, City Centre.
201​4 April 19 Spring Art Show. Nance & Hardy Studios
201​4 Jan22-March7 Williams Tower Gallery, Assistance League of Houston
........Celebrate Texas Art. Curated by Rock Huska.
201​4Jan 12-21 THE WINTER SHOW, Juried by Ana Villaronga atKCAM Katy Contemporary
.........Arts Museum.

2013-2014 Dec13- Jan31 "+ 20 square feet" juried show, Houston 16000 street.
2013 Nov 23-24 JMV Art Excellence juried show, Houston Art Crawl at
........Nance & Hardy Studios, Jomar visions.
2013 Sept 21 "we've got the blues" art show. Nance & Hardy Studios
2013 June 15. Nancy & Hardy Studios
2013 April 20. Nancy & Hardy Studios,
2013 Feb 8 - 22 Judged & Juried Show,curated by Alyssa Monks,
.........East End Studio.Gallery, Houston,Tx
2013 Jan 17 - Feb 22 Williams Tower Gallery, Assistance League of Houston
........Celebrate Texas Art. Curated by Irene Hofmann.

2012 Dic 15. Nance & HArdy Studios, Winter art sale
2012 Nov 17-18 Houston Art Crawl at Nance & hardy Studios
2012 Oct 20 "little things in Live" at Nance & Hardy Stydios
2012 Oct13-14 Houston City Art Festival, Art on Water, Awarded-1st place-
2012 August, Zen Gallery, Tribute to Federico GArcia Lorca, Houston
2012 Feb-Mayl, Bens' Beans Cafe & Gallery, Downtowns Houston
2012 Feb 28-29 Exhibitor at Houston International Festival.
2012 Feb 14. "paint your sole" Toms shoes event, Neiman Marcus, Houston.

2011-2012 Dec-Jan. Lucios, Restaurant & Gallery, Houston
2011,Oct 7-9 Houston City Art Festival, Art on Water, Awarded
2011,April 30-Oct31. 2024 Montrose Gallery, Houston
2011, April 29-30 Moonwalk27 at Heights Art Studios & Gallery, Houston

2010, Nov6-10 Betz Gallery, 12x12 show, Houston
2010, Oct9-10 Bayou City Art Festival, Art on Water, Houston's City Hall .Reflection . .....................Pond.(Awarded)
2010 July-August, SUMMERVIEW Exhibition, Phoenix center, Houston
2010, May NEW DIRECTION exhibit, Continental Center, Houston
2009, Dec, SOLSTICE juried exhibit, JP Chase Morgan Tower, Houston