Tatiana Escallon Colombian-American abstract artist based in Houston, TX Colombian - American contemporary Artist and illustrator
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  1. The American Dream, a . . .48x60"  . 121x152cm .  Acrylic on Canvas

  2. El sabor y Los contrastes II. (The taste and the Contrast)​ . . 48x60"  . 121x152cm .  Acrylic on Canvas

  3. The Meeting, 48x60"  Acrylic on Canvas

  4. El Purpura y los contraste.Purple and contrst from the series The Taste and contrast
    16x36"  . .  Acrylic on Canvas

  5. Eucalyptus . .36x48"  . .  Acrylic on Canvas

  6. El Sabor Y Los Contrastes I. (The Taste and Contrast) . . . 48x60"  . 121x152cm .  Acrylic on Canvas

  7. Monologue 48x60"  . 121x152cm .  Acrylic on Canvas

  8. Black & White
    48"x48"  . .  Acrylic on Canvas

  9. Simple Contast, 36x30"  Acrylic on Canvas 

  1. Suspiro de una Flor (Sigh of the Flower) . . 306x16" .  Acrylic on Canvas

  2. People of Color . . 4 wood panels, each 10x10" .  Acrylic 

  3. woman with Collars . . ​48x60"  . 121x152cm .  Acrylic on Canvas

  4. Woman with penguin purse in the Big City . .48x60"  . 121x152cm .  Acrylic on Canvas

  5. The Yellow Umbrella . .48x60"  . 121x152cm .  Acrylic on Canvas

  6. La Conversacion (The talk) . . 36x48" .  Acrylic on Canvas

  1. The Studio
     1940's gem  that  was abandon and the artis is acomodating to the needs of  a very unique Art-Studio, located in the Historic Thirdward, Houston, TX.​​

  2. The Studio
     One of the few changes that have been made to the beautful house.
     Art-Studio, located in the Historic Thirdward, Houston, TX.


​​ FIGURATIVE​ ​​work ​​


Sat, Oct 6.
11 am- 5pm

Emancipation Ave.
Houston, TX 77004
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