Tatiana Escallon Colombian-American abstract artist based in Houston, TX Colombian - American contemporary Artist and illustrator
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​​No date yet for the next Open Studio, 
At this moment the Studio has no AC, and Houston is
too hot, as soon as I get  a solution I will anounce the 
nex Open Studio. Still receiving visits by appointmen,
I have a fan and cold drinks!

Open Studio_ I love You Mom Special

May 6 Sunday 2-5pm
May 10, Thursday  6-9 pm

Silence Please  Book Launch Party
April 15 1-5:30pm at the Studio.
my first children's book will be on the market, 
Pictures by me; words by by Johnny Ray moore,
Published by  Clear Fork publishers.
April 12 & 15 2018, at my studio.
Also  available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble.

Sunday Streets Houston _ Open Studio
Greater Third Ward April 22nd
Emancipation Avenue will be close to traffic  from 12pm to 4:pm
Day to ride the bike or walk with the family along the route.
Stop by and enjoy art.

Open Studio 
March 22TH 6:00-8:30pm

Open Studio 
March 4TH 2:00-5:30p

Unveiling The Santa Fe Series, a collection of 15
paintings inspired by my trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico.

February 11   2:30- 5pm
​Open to the public
3715 Emancipaion Avenue, Houston, 77004

AWhen I got the Studio,  July 2017, it was abandon and falling apart.